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Crooked nasal septum surgery at Medi Horizon Clinic

A crooked nasal septum is primarily a health problem. The defect is the cause of recurrent infections, causes breathing difficulties, sleep apnea and other unpleasant consequences. If left untreated, it leads to gradual hypoxia and compromises the work of internal organs. An effective treatment offered by Warsaw’s Medi Horizon Clinic hospital is septoplasty – a complex surgery for a crooked nasal septum. Find out what the procedure looks like! 

Surgery for crooked nasal septum. What methods do we use?

Medi Horizon Clinic offers two methods of nasal septoplasty, which depend on the patient’s problem. The closed method of surgery is used when the target of the procedure is only the nasal septum. Then the doctor incises the mucous membrane of the septum to then reach its cartilage. Depending on the need, he shapes it accordingly, while removing all deformities from the bony part of the septum. He puts the straightened cartilage (if it was taken outward) in its original place, corrects its position and sutures the area with dissolvable sutures.

Stabilization of the septum is done with tampons or gel dressings (these are more effective because they allow free breathing through the nose).

The second option is an open method of surgery for a crooked nasal septum – a procedure referred to as functional nasal correction. This method combines straightening of the septum along with correction of the shape of the entire nose. In addition to cuts in the nasal passages, the doctor also makes them on the nasal pillar, so as to access the cartilaginous and bony structure. The specialist thus corrects the septum, as well as the appearance of the nose. In summary Surgery for a crooked nasal septum takes about an hour.

The procedure is performed as a one-day surgery – the patient goes home the next day with post-operative instructions.

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Frequently asked questions:

  • Crooked nasal septum – what are the causes?

    In most cases, it is difficult to grasp the cause of a crooked nasal septum. It can be the result of a congenital defect due to abnormal growth of the bony and cartilaginous parts of the facial skeleton. Curvature of the septum also often occurs during birth, as newborns usually have a severely flattened nose. In most children, this condition returns to normal after a few weeks. However, the cartilaginous and bony structures in some of them remain crooked and consequently cause problems with the septum. Mechanical injuries that result from accidents during sports or other activities also predispose to abnormalities.

  • What are the symptoms of crooked nasal septum?

    A crooked nasal septum can give the following symptoms:

    • recurrent infections of the upper respiratory tract,
    • otitis media,
    • a constant feeling of a blocked nose in both nostrils and recurrent ear plugging,
    • snoring, sleep apnea, which causes fatigue even after a good night’s sleep,
    • deterioration of the sense of smell,
    • nosebleeds,
    • recurrent headaches,
    • speech disorders – it becomes nasal and unclear.
  • Consequences of an untreated nasal septum

    Indications for septoplasty, or the correction of a crooked septum, include all of the symptoms mentioned above. A long-term consequence of a crooked nasal septum is the impairment of the breathing path, thus contributing to hypoxia of the entire body and worse work of internal organs. Therefore, patients with recurrent infections have significantly reduced immunity. Many of them complain of recurrent infections, a constant feeling of nasal congestion and recurrent headaches. Therefore, this is a condition that needs to be treated primarily for health reasons.

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  • Septoplasty – what is the procedure?

    In summary Septoplasty is surgery for a crooked nasal septum. It is one of the most commonly performed procedures in otolaryngology. The appropriate choice of technique for performing the correction is chosen by the doctor, who examines the patient during an individual consultation. for more details

  • Recovery process after surgery

    The recovery process takes about 3 weeks. Immediately after the procedure, the physiological reaction is: pain, nasal and headache, as well as swelling. These symptoms persist for about 2 weeks. Painkillers are then recommended. For a period of several weeks, you should absolutely refrain from, for example:

    • physical exertion and lifting heavy objects,
    • blowing air violently through the nose,
    • staying in dusty and smoky rooms,
    • swimming in a swimming pool and using a sauna and sunbathing,
    • flying by airplane,
    • eating hot and spicy foods.

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  • Contraindications to septoplasty

    For example, the following are listed as contraindications to the procedure:

    • acute sinusitis,
    • rhinosinusitis,
    • all bacterial, viral and fungal infections.

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What is the diagnosis process for Crooked Septum Surgery at Medi Horizon Clinic?

During the initial consultation, the specialist makes a detailed diagnosis. Above all, the basis is the patient’s history, taking into account current complaints, past injuries, and previous treatment processes. The doctor looks at the patient’s medical records (any X-ray or MRI scans can help to make an accurate diagnosis and plan a treatment plan). Then carries out a physical examination – using what is known as a rhinoscope, or speculum, and can determine whether the patient does indeed have a problem with a crooked nasal septum.

In some cases, additional investigations may also be necessary. These include CT scans and endoscopic examination of the nasal cavities. The doctor decides whether a septoplasty is necessary. Therefore, the ENT specialist discusses the entire procedure in detail and the expected post-operative results. After qualification, the patient is referred for a consultation with the anaesthetist, who orders a set of diagnostic tests before the procedure:

  • Blood morphology + smear
  • Ionogram: Na, K
  • Coagulogram: APTT, PT/INR,
  • Biochemical tests: glucose, urea, creatinine, bilirubin
  • HBS antigen,
  • HBS – antibody level,
  • HCV- antibody level,
  • Blood group
  • ECG and chest X-ray

Septoplasty, or surgery for a crooked nasal septum, is the most effective and highly safe method of eliminating the problems caused by the condition. Therefore, when there are indications to perform it, the patient should undergo the procedure as soon as possible. Remember that untreated dysfunction leads to dysfunction of the entire body.

At Medi Horizon Clinic, experienced ENT doctors carry out comprehensive Crooked Septum Surgery, offering a full nose correction depending on the patient’s problem. Don’t delay, give yourself the chance to live without discomfort and get rid of unpleasant symptoms!

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