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Understanding Hip Fractures: Causes and Risks

The femoral neck, a vital part of the hip joint, is susceptible to fractures, carrying serious risks if left untreated. These hip fractures, often surgically treated at the Medi Horizon Clinic, require immediate attention due to potential complications leading to long-term disability or even life-threatening situations. In this article we will explain why it is vital to treat femoral neck fracture as quickly as possible

Immediate Intervention at Medi Horizon Clinic

At the Medi Horizon Clinic, Dr. Andrzej Suwara and a team of specialized orthopedic surgeons take immediate action in cases of femoral neck fractures. With an individualized approach and advanced surgical technology, patients receive comprehensive care from diagnosis to recovery. Trust our expertise and effective treatment of hip fractures at the Medi Horizon Clinic.

Anatomy and Classification

The femoral neck, connecting the femoral head to the shaft, plays a crucial role in weight-bearing and mobility. Fractures are classified based on severity, such as incomplete or complete breaks with or without displacement. Classifications, like the Garden or Pauwels systems, aid in determining the appropriate treatment plan crucial for optimal recovery.

Causes and Symptoms

Factors such as age-related bone density loss, injuries, or underlying conditions like osteoporosis contribute to femoral neck fracture. Symptoms include severe pain, limited mobility, and visible deformity, necessitating immediate diagnosis using imaging techniques like X-rays or magnetic resonance imaging.

Surgical Intervention and Rehabilitation

Surgical treatment aims to restore anatomical alignment and stability, typically involving stabilization or hip replacement. At the Medi Horizon Clinic, experienced orthopedic specialists ensure meticulous procedures to minimize complications. Post-surgery, personalized rehabilitation programs focus on early mobilization, preventing complications, and gradual restoration of functionality, ensuring a smooth recovery.

Hip fractures require prompt and comprehensive management to reduce risks and achieve optimal outcomes. Learn more about our approach to treatment at the Medi Horizon Clinic. Contact us now!