Hip replacement Warsaw Poland

Very often, people from abroad decide to undergo the procedure at Medi Horizon Clinic in Warsaw. Why? One of the most common reasons is economic reasons as well as the patient’s lack of insurance for hip replacement surgery. Additionally, the waiting time for hip replacement surgery is definitely too long. Very often, a patient living abroad chooses to have hip replacemtent performed in Poland – Medi Horizon Clinic Warsaw – due to: on the professionalism of the procedure performed and thus the effect of the hip replacement.

Who is eligible for hip replacement in Warsaw?

Patients who constantly suffer from hip pain that makes it difficult for them to walk and function in everyday life. Hip pain may result from previous injuries as well as from degeneration of the hip joint. A patient from abroad who is interested in having the procedure performed at Medi Horizon Clinic Warsaw Poland – sends the necessary documents – a questionnaire along with medical documentation and imaging photos of the hip joint. After consultation with orthopedic specialist Dr. Andrzej Suwara, the patient receives a full offer for the procedure.

Hip replacement procedure at Medi Horizon Clinic Warsaw Poland

After sending complete medical documentation – the foreign patient receives a full offer for the procedure, the date of the procedure, a quote as well as tests qualifying for the procedure.
The patient arrives in Warsaw on a specific date set by the Clinic along with a set of documents. If the patient has not performed all the tests, he or she makes an appointment for tests at Medi Horizon Clinic.
The clinic offers the patient an apartment close to the hospital. The patient comes to Poland for approximately 3 weeks. After the procedure, the patient stays in the hospital for 3-4 days under the care of qualified medical staff, then leaves the hospital and lives in an apartment rented by the clinic close to the hospital. For the next 2 weeks, the patient comes to the hospital for dressing changes and rehabilitation.
After completing the treatment, the foreign patient receives full documentation from the hospital and can freely return to his place of residence. There are no contraindications to returning home by plane 3 weeks after the procedure.

If you live abroad and are interested in hip replacement surgery in Poland at Medi Horizon Clinic Warsaw – please contact us – rejestracja@medihorizon.pl. We will answer all your questions and guide you step by step through the entire treatment procedure.

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