Revision Total Hip Replacement in Poland

Revision Total Hip Replacement in Poland in Medi Horizon Clinic

Osteoarthritis of the hip joint is one of the main indications for alloplasty, i.e. replacing a non-functional joint with a prosthesis. This increasingly common operation allows you to restore lost fitness and regain the joy of life. However, in some situations it may be necessary to replace part or all of the artificial joint. This procedure is called hip realloplasty. At Medi Horizon Clinic, revision total hip replacement in Poland is performed by a qualified and experienced team of orthopedists. The cooperation of doctors, nurses and physiotherapists in the postoperative period allows for quick recovery. Get to know our offer!

Revision Total Hip Replacement in Poland at Medi Horizon Clinic is performed by experienced orthopedic specialists.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is revision total hip replacement?

    Revision Total Hip Replacement, also called arthroplasty or revision arthroplasty, is performed on people who have had hip replacement surgery in the past. The operation involves replacing part or all of an artificial joint that, for some reason, has stopped performing its functions.

  • What are the indications for revision total hip replacement surgery?

    Currently used hip prostheses are made of steel or titanium alloys that are well tolerated by the human body. However, they are not indestructible either. Their lifespan is estimated to be approximately 20 to 30 years. After this time, the artificial joint may wear out. The hip realloplasty procedure allows for its replacement. Other indications for revision surgery include:

    • loosening of part or all of the prosthesis,
    • bone fracture around the artificial joint,
    • displacement of the prosthesis,
    • infections at the implantation site,
    • accident or trauma leading to damage to the prosthesis.
    • incorrect placement of the endoprosthesis,

    Pain, difficulty moving, and often problems with sitting and getting up are typical symptoms with which patients consult a doctor. Correcting the incorrect position of the implant or re-replacing the hip joint or its fragment allows you to regain lost mobility.

  • What is the qualification for revision total hip replacement?

    Patients with impaired functioning of a previously implanted hip prosthesis who come to the Medi Horizon Clinic orthopedic clinic are referred for consultations with an orthopedic specialist. A detailed interview and physical examination are the basic elements that determine further treatment. People requiring revision arthroplasty are asked to undergo radiological examination of the hip joint in two planes. The X-ray provides the orthopedist with a lot of information about the current condition of the prosthesis and allows him to decide whether to qualify for the procedure. Before the operation, a full set of diagnostic blood tests and an anesthetic consultation should also be performed. Patients of Medi Horizon Clinic have the opportunity to undergo necessary tests on site at the Clinic.

    Rewizja endoprotezy stawu biodrowego

  • How is revision total hip replacement performed?

    Revision total hip Replacement is a more complicated procedure than primary implant placement, especially for the operator. That is why it is so important that the operation is performed by a suitably qualified orthopedic specialist. Hip revision is performed under general anesthesia. The entire procedure takes about 2 hours. During it, the orthopedic doctor first removes the worn or damaged prosthesis or its fragment, and then replaces it with a new, artificial joint.

    On the day of the procedure, the patient receives full antibiotic coverage and antithrombotic prophylaxis. After the operation, hospitalization for several days is necessary. During this time, the patient is under the care of qualified medical staff who help him regain his previous mobility and monitor his condition. He also receives valuable tips on how to perform individual movements in the operated joint.

  • Convalescence after revision total hip replacement

    Within the first few days after implantation of a new hip prosthesis, swelling may occur in the operated joint. Cooling this area allows you to limit it and reduce the accompanying pain. The recovery time after hip replacement surgery depends on the patient’s age, comorbidities, time since loss of joint mobility, and motivation to exercise with a physiotherapist.

    At Medi Horizon Clinic, stabilization and rehabilitation begin on the second day after surgery. Experienced and qualified physiotherapists with whom our clinic cooperates select exercises appropriate to the patient’s abilities. Their goal is to improve joint mobility and strengthen the adjacent muscles. Close cooperation between an orthopedic doctor or rehabilitator and the patient allows for satisfactory results and a return to full physical activity.

Discover our competitive rates for the procedure tailored to your specific needs.

Procedure Approximate price
Revision total hip replacement 30000 dollars

Prices listed are approximate and do not constitute a formal offer under the Civil Code. Final costs are tailored to individual treatment needs, including length of stay, choice of implant, rehabilitation, specialized care, dietary preferences, and the patient’s condition.

Why is it worth choosing Revision Total Hip Replacement in Poland at Medi Horizon Clinic in Warsaw?

Revision total Hip replacement surgery is a procedure that is successful in 95% of cases and allows you to regain your former fitness. Reduction of pain and, consequently, freedom from the need to take painkillers, increased mobility of the hip joint, and in many cases also the possibility of practicing sports, are the benefits for the patient resulting from the procedure.

The price, depending on the extent of the surgical site and the degree of joint damage, is determined individually.

Medi Horizon Clinic is a clinic located in Warsaw, where you can count on the help of qualified specialists in orthopedics and traumatology of the musculoskeletal system. During the visit, the orthopedist will diagnose the cause of pain and impaired mobility in the damaged joint, and will suggest the best possible treatment method. Don’t delay, get rid of unpleasant ailments and seek help from qualified experts.

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    Admission to Medi Horizon Clinic

    Step 1 – Get in touch with us

    Contact Registration Medi Horizon Clinic by telephone- +48 530 763 608 or via and get comprehensive information.

    Step 2 – Consultation Visit

    Qualification for the procedure requires a standard consultation with a specialist doctor, who conducts a detailed medical interview and selects the appropriate treatment or correction method.

    Step 3 – Decision of the Patient and Doctor

    The doctor makes the decision whether the procedure is feasible and safe for the Patient. Explains to the Patient how the procedure will proceed, determines the scope, and the price. Then, the date for the anesthesiological qualification and the procedure itself is determined.

    Step 4 – Procedure and Stay at Medi Horizon Clinic

    We attach great importance to the optimal choice of anesthesia for the surgical procedure, management of postoperative pain, and appropriate patient regeneration and rehabilitation. The patient is constantly cared for by qualified medical staff.