We are for You!

At the Medi Horizon Clinic, all surgical procedures are performed using proven and modern methods, most of them using minimally invasive techniques. We offer you our experience and professionalism – we ensure comfort and safety.

Medi Horizon Clinic Warsaw adheres to the highest possible standards to provide you and your family with the best care. Our renowned surgeons have helped patients from all over the world and treat each person with the utmost respect. All of our specialists are committed to continuing medical education and research. They practiced their knowledge in the most prestigious international medical institutions in the world. They also served as experts in articles by many national media outlets and frequently gave lectures or seminars for universities.

From the moment you arrive at Medi Horizon Clinic Warsaw, you will see that we have made every effort to make you feel comfortable. Whether you come to our specialist for his surgical knowledge, technique or advanced treatment, our friendly and supportive staff will ensure that you are cared for at every stage of your stay at the Clinic.

From our offices, through comfortable patient rooms, to the modern operating room, every corner of our facility has been designed with you in mind. Our exceptionally attentive and friendly staff is available to you at every stage of your visit. After the procedure, you will be taken to the recovery room, where a dedicated nurse on duty will provide you with exceptional care during the entire recovery period.

“We base our reputation on a highly personalized approach to each patient, whom we treat as a member of the Medi Horizon Clinic family.”

Why Medi Horizon Clinic Warsaw?

  • Experienced Doctors and Medical Staff
  • Personalized treatment
  • Holistic approach to each patient
  • Quality and Safety of medical services
  • Convenient location in Warsaw
  • Free parking for patients
  • Immediate service in urgent cases
  • Equipped Operating Theater – Hospital Status
  • Comfortable conditions for the patient after the procedure
  • Medical Concierge at your disposal

Make an appointment!

Sign up for a consultation qualifying for the procedure at the Medi Horizon Clinic Hospital – today and see how we can help you. phone. +48 530 763 608

Admission to Medi Horizon Clinic

Step 1 – Contact us

Contact the Medi Horizon Clinic Registration by phone – +48 530 763 608 or via e-mail – rejestracja@medihorizon.pl and get comprehensive information. Send us your X-ray or MRI examinations and describe your problem in detail.

Step 2 – Consultation visit or online

Qualification for the procedure requires a consultation with a specialist who conducts a detailed medical interview and selects the appropriate treatment or correction method. After sending us your medical tests, we can organize an online consultation. After the consultation, you will receive an email from us with all details about the procedure – price, qualifying tests and price.

Step 3 – Patient and Doctor’s decision

The doctor decides whether the procedure is possible and safe for the patient. Explains to the patient how the procedure is carried out, determines the scope and price. Then, the date for the anesthetic qualification and the procedure itself is set. If you decide to undergo the procedure, we will help you organize the tests and your entire stay in Poland.

Step 4 – Treatment and stay at Medi Horizon Clinic

We attach great importance to the optimal selection of anesthesia for surgery, postoperative pain management and appropriate regeneration and rehabilitation. The patient is under the care of qualified medical staff at all times. You arrive in Poland at least 24 hours before the procedure. Before the procedure, a consultation with a doctor takes place and then the procedure is performed. You leave Poland after a check-up and removal of stitches – we attach great importance to your satisfaction.