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Injuries to the femur do not accompany only athletes and devotees of extreme sports. Unfortunately, more and more often, there are cases, as a result of which injuries to the femur occur in mundane activities. The femur is made up of the shaft and the distal and proximal ends. The upper part of the bone i.e. the vertebral column and neck are most often subject to injury. The muscles are attached to the femur by means of the lesser and greater ileum located between the shaft and the neck of the femur. Patients diagnosed with osteoporosis have much weaker bones and are very easily subject to numerous fractures. 

The medical procedure Femoral Osteotomy at Medi Horizon Clinic is performed by experienced orthopedic specialists.

Did you know that osteotomy is an innovative measure used in orthopedic surgery. It involves cutting the bone and correcting the axis of the limb and, of course, improving its shape, lengthening or transferring the load of the loaded joint to the healthy area. As a result, this method is used with high efficiency in cases of osteoarthritis. Osteotomy procedures are orthopedic procedures. The operations are performed in the Operating Theater at Medi Horizon Clinic. First of all, innovative implants (bioplates) are used during the procedure, as a result of which the procedure is a minimally invasive method.

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Frequently asked questions:

  • What are the indications for femoral osteotomy?

    Femoral osteotomy is performed for health reasons.

    -shaped position of the lower limb;
    -pain in the patellofemoral joint;
    -moderate or mild degenerative changes usually in the medial compartment of the knee joint;
    -patient before 50.

  • What are the benefits of the femoral osteotomy procedure?

    Femoral osteotomy is a chance to live comfortably without pain.

    Femoral surgery is performed without complications in 95 percent of cases and is successful for many patients. Expect the procedure to reduce pain and increase mobility and function of the femur. A well-executed procedure and, above all, rehabilitation is, of course, a 100% success rate. Most patients return to full function after the procedure.  

  • What is the diagnosis for femoral osteotomy procedure

    During the consultation, the orthopedic doctor will answer all of your questions.

    At Medi Horizon Clinic in Warsaw, the patient is referred for a consultation with an orthopedic specialist for a thorough medical history. We recommend an imaging study for a complete diagnosis so that the doctor can apply the appropriate treatment for the injury. The orthopedic surgeon diagnoses the patient during the consultation visit and guides the patient in detail through the entire surgical procedure for the treatment of femoral osteotomy in Poland. After the orthopedic surgeon qualifies the patient for femur repair surgery, he is asked to perform a full set of diagnostic blood tests, after which he is referred for a consultation with an anesthesiologist.

  • What does the femoral osteotomy procedure look like?

    The surgical procedure of femoral osteotomy is performed in the Operating Theatre.

    At Medi Horizon Clinic, an orthopedic procedure is performed to restore full function to the patient. The performance of the medical procedure can be applied, regardless of the age of the patients, avoids complications and restores the efficiency of the limb. The operation is performed under general anesthesia and usually takes about 2h. On the day of surgery, the patient is given a full antibiotic cover and thromboprophylaxis is administered. After the surgery, the patient stays at the Clinic under the care of qualified medical staff and is given painkillers so that he or she can recover comfortably from the procedure

  • What is the recovery like after surgical femoral osteotomy?

    Recovery from the procedure is an individual issue for each patient.

    After surgery involving a femoral osteotomy, the orthopedic surgeon orders post-operative rehabilitation. The patient is mobilized from bed as early as the first day after surgery. Medi Horizon Clinic works with experienced and qualified physiotherapists who are constantly improving their competence. Thanks to close cooperation between the orthopedic doctor, the rehabilitator and the Patient – rehabilitation after femoral osteotomy brings very good results and helps patients to return to full mobility faster.

Discover our competitive rates for the procedure tailored to your specific needs.

Procedure Approximate price
Femoral osteotomy 9000 dollars

Prices listed are approximate and do not constitute a formal offer under the Civil Code. Final costs are tailored to individual treatment needs, including length of stay, choice of implant, rehabilitation, specialized care, dietary preferences, and the patient’s condition.


Femoral osteotomy in Warsaw, Poland

Medi Horizon Clinic is made up of a team of experienced specialists in Orthopedics and Musculoskeletal Traumatology, who will diagnose the cause of your femoral pain and, therefore, propose the appropriate method of corrective osteotomy of the femur. Don’t delay, free yourself from pain and get help from our qualified orthopedic experts.

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