Shoulder arthroscopy in Poland

Shoulder arthroscopy in Poland at Medi Horizon Clinic

Arthroscopy of the shoulder in Warsaw is one of the procedures offered by Medi Horizon Clinic. Due to injuries and conditions, the shoulder joint is predisposed to various types of damage. Arthroscopy, a minimally invasive method, allows for easy inspection of the joint’s interior and necessary therapeutic procedures. At Medi Horizon Clinic, shoulder arthroscopy is performed by specialized orthopedic doctors. Our primary goal is to improve patients’ health, so each patient undergoes comprehensive diagnostics at our clinic. Learn more!

Shoulder arthroscopy in Poland is performed by experienced specialists in orthopedics at Medi Horizon Clinic.

At Medi Horizon Clinic, in Poland we offer shoulder arthroscopy procedures with comprehensive diagnostic preparation. Our experienced doctors tailor the treatment methods to suit the nature of the joint damage and the patient’s needs. Don’t hesitate – free yourself from pain and benefit from the assistance of our qualified orthopedic experts.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Shoulder joint – structure and functions

    The shoulder joint is one of the most mobile structures in the human body, allowing movements in all planes. Looking at its structure, it can be observed that it consists of several joints connected to each other:

    • Shoulder joint – formed by the head of the humerus and the glenoid cavity of the scapula,
    • Acromioclavicular joint – located between the acromion process of the scapula and the clavicle,
    • Sternoclavicular joint,
    • Scapulothoracic joint.

    The head of the humerus is surrounded by the tendons of the rotator cuff muscles, which facilitate movement in the joint. The shoulder’s high functionality makes it susceptible to injury. Injuries can occur during sports activities, as a result of accidents, or from repetitive upper limb movements.

  • Causes of shoulder joint damage.

    One of the most common causes of shoulder joint injuries is rotator cuff damage. Degenerative changes and injuries are the main predisposing factors. The likelihood of this condition increases with age – it is estimated to affect about 50% of people over 70 years old. In younger individuals, rotator cuff injuries often occur with shoulder dislocation. The injury manifests as severe pain, limited range of motion, and significant muscle weakness. Another shoulder condition is subacromial impingement syndrome. The patient is unable to lift the upper limb above shoulder level, accompanied by severe pain. Additionally, frozen shoulder is also a common cause of functional limitation. It is characterized by extreme shoulder pain without visible soft tissue damage. Therefore, the problem may be associated with immunological, biochemical, and hormonal disorders.

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  • Arthroscopy of the shoulder – what kind of procedure is it?

    Shoulder arthroscopy in Poland is a minimally invasive surgical method that, thanks to modern techniques, enables comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of dysfunctions occurring within the joint. The procedure involves making a small incision to insert an endoscope, allowing visualization of the inside of the joint and performing necessary therapeutic procedures.

  • Indications for surgery

    Shoulder arthroscopy is a method recommended for patients who suffer from significant pain, limited joint mobility, and clear instability due to injuries or various diseases. Indications for the procedure include:

    • degenerative changes of the acromioclavicular joint,
    • subacromial pain syndrome with inflammation of the subacromial bursa,
    • presence of intra-articular bodies,
    • tear of the rotator cuff,
    • calcification of the rotator cuff tendons,
    • damage to the articular rim, articular cartilage, and attachment of the long head of the biceps muscle,
    • significant degeneration of the joint in rheumatoid arthritis,
    • frozen shoulder – adhesive capsulitis.

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  • How does the diagnostic process proceed in our clinic?

    In the orthopedic clinic Medi Horizon Clinic, shoulder arthroscopy is preceded by detailed diagnostics. The doctor conducts an interview with the patient, taking into account current symptoms, circumstances of the injury, and the process of previous treatment. During the consultation, the orthopedist thoroughly diagnoses the patient, presents the procedure of shoulder arthroscopy, and discusses the expected outcomes of the surgery. Subsequently, the patient is referred to an anesthesiologist, who orders necessary tests. Before undergoing shoulder arthroscopy, the following tests are required:

    • Complete blood count with differential
    • Electrolyte panel: Na, K
    • Coagulation profile: APTT, PT/INR
    • Biochemical tests: glucose, urea, creatinine, bilirubin
    • Hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg)
    • Hepatitis B surface antibody (anti-HBs)
    • Hepatitis C antibody (anti-HCV)
    • Blood group typing (original test)
    • Electrocardiogram (EKG)
    • Chest X-ray

    It is also imperative to have the hepatitis B vaccination. Patients with accompanying diseases should inform the doctor, who will assess before performing the shoulder arthroscopy if there are any contraindications.


  • Recovery

    Shoulder arthroscopy is considered a minimally invasive procedure, so the recovery process is not complicated. However, for several weeks, the patient must adhere to the doctor’s recommendations. For some time, they should refrain from driving and using public transportation to minimize the risk of sudden movements and injuries. After the procedure, the shoulder is immobilized in a special brace. Postoperative rehabilitation is crucial. Younger individuals usually recover fairly quickly, while for seniors, it may take longer. However, everything depends on the patient’s individual predispositions and the type of shoulder injury. On average, full recovery takes between 4 to 6 weeks.


  • Rehabilitation

    Rehabilitation after shoulder arthroscopy is conducted under the supervision of experienced physiotherapists who tailor the exercise program individually based on the nature of the injury. Special emphasis is placed on stretching and strengthening exercises for the shoulder, forearm, and wrist muscles. To maintain muscle balance, training activity should also involve the non-operated limb. Medi Horizon Clinic collaborates with physiotherapists specializing in postoperative rehabilitation of the shoulder joint. Through the cooperation of doctor-physiotherapist-patient, rehabilitation yields very good results and helps restore functionality of the entire shoulder complex.

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  • The advantages of shoulder arthroscopy

    Specialists emphasize that shoulder arthroscopy is a method that has many benefits for patients. Firstly, the procedure is characterized by minimal invasiveness. Unlike traditional surgeries, arthroscopy leaves practically invisible scars, minimizing the risk of adhesions and scar tissue formation, making it an excellent alternative for patients with slow-healing wounds (due to diabetes). Recovery time is relatively short, allowing patients to return to their daily activities quite quickly.


Discover our competitive rates for the procedure tailored to your specific needs.

Procedure Approximate price
Shoulder arthroscopy 6000 dollars

Prices listed are approximate and do not constitute a formal offer under the Civil Code. Final costs are tailored to individual treatment needs, including length of stay, choice of implant, rehabilitation, specialized care, dietary preferences, and the patient’s condition.


Shoulder arthroscopy in Poland. Why choose Medi Horizon Clinic in Warsaw?

Shoulder arthroscopy procedures at Medi Horizon Clinic are performed by specialists in the field of orthopedics and musculoskeletal traumatology. With their experience, they diagnose the problem from the outset, then plan the entire process of returning to functionality, including rehabilitation.

Shoulder arthroscopy consists of two stages. The first is diagnosis. A special fluid is applied through a small incision to facilitate assessment of the degree and form of damage. Then, the doctor inserts an endoscope, providing a full view of the inside of the joint. After identifying the problem, the specialist can proceed with the surgical intervention. During the operative phase, the doctor makes additional incisions through which necessary surgical instruments are introduced. Upon completion of the arthroscopy, the specialist applies sutures and dressing. Depending on the indications, the procedure may be performed under general or local anesthesia. The duration of the surgery will be individual for each patient but typically lasts about 1 hour. Shoulder arthroscopy at Medi Horizon Clinic is conducted as a day surgery. The patient stays in the clinic for one day and is then discharged home with postoperative recommendations.

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