Revision of shoulder joint endoprosthesis

Revision of shoulder joint endoprosthesis in Poland at Medi Horizon Clinic

Revision of shoulder joint endoprosthesis in Poland – what is it?

Revision of the shoulder prosthesis, also known as revision arthroplasty of the shoulder joint or shoulder joint revision. The surgical procedure is performed on individuals who have already undergone shoulder arthroplasty, meaning they already have a shoulder prosthesis. Revision of the shoulder prosthesis aims to replace part or all of the implanted shoulder prosthesis. Due to unfortunate accidents or injuries, the shoulder prosthesis may become damaged. Modern medical capabilities allow for the performance of a shoulder prosthesis replacement procedure, the main goal of which is to restore proper function of the shoulder complex. At Medi Horizon Clinic, we perform the operation to replace the damaged shoulder prosthesis with a new shoulder endoprosthesis. We offer comprehensive care throughout all stages of treatment, convenient appointments, and competitive prices. Learn more about the procedure!

The medical procedure revision of shoulder joint endoprosthesis in Poland at Medi Horizon Clinic is performed by experienced specialists in the field of orthopedics.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • When is shoulder realignment surgery performed?

    Shoulder realignment surgery is performed in four key cases:

    – When there is loosening of part or all of the endoprosthesis
    – When there are fractures in the area of the prosthesis
    – When the prosthesis has shifted (feeling of dislocation)
    – When there is infection as a result of implantation.

    All of these situations can cause various types of pain for the patient, including pain around the shoulder, difficulties with movement, and problems with sitting and standing up. A patient who already has a shoulder endoprosthesis knows well which movements to perform and which to avoid. However, situations can occur where a patient with a prosthesis experiences an accident or injury, necessitating shoulder realignment surgery.

  • What are the benefits of shoulder joint endoprosthesis revision surgery in Poland?

    Revision of shoulder joint endoprosthesis offers a chance for a pain-free and comfortable life.

    Revision of the shoulder joint is carried out without complications in 95% of cases and ends successfully for many patients. It can be expected that the replaced shoulder joint prosthesis will reduce pain and increase mobility and function of the shoulder joint. A well-executed procedure, and above all, rehabilitation after the surgery, can enable the patient to walk, swim, or comfortably ride a bike.

    The choice of the best shoulder joint endoprosthesis for the patient primarily depends on the type and degree of prosthesis the patient has. The procedure at Medi Horizon Clinic is performed by experienced specialists in the field of orthopedics. Based on clinical assessment and examinations, along with an individual approach to each patient, they perform the surgery using the best implantation methods.

  • How does the diagnostics for shoulder joint endoprosthesis revision look like?

    During the consultation, the orthopedic doctor will answer any questions you may have.

    In the Orthopedic Clinic Medi Horizon Clinic, the patient is primarily directed to a consultation with a specialist orthopedic doctor. Therefore, we recommend undergoing radiological examination of the shoulder joint in two planes for a comprehensive diagnosis. During the consultation, the orthopedic surgeon thoroughly diagnoses the patient and guides them through the entire procedure of shoulder joint endoprosthesis replacement surgery. After qualification by the orthopedic surgeon for treatment or revision surgery of the shoulder joint, the patient is asked to undergo a full set of blood diagnostic tests, followed by a consultation with an anesthesiologist. Patients at Medi Horizon Clinic have the opportunity to undergo qualifying examinations for shoulder joint endoprosthesis surgery directly at the Clinic – learn more

  • What does the revision surgery of the shoulder joint look like?

    The revision surgery of shoulder joint endoprosthesis is performed in the Operating Room.

    Replacement of the shoulder joint prosthesis is a surgical procedure that involves replacing the damaged shoulder endoprosthesis, which the Patient already has, with a new prosthesis. This is a much more difficult and demanding procedure for the Orthopedist, due to the fact that it involves prosthesis replacement.  The surgery to replace the shoulder joint endoprosthesis is performed under general anesthesia and usually takes about 2 hours. On the day of the surgery, the Patient receives full antibiotic coverage and thromboprophylaxis is applied. After the surgery, the patient remains in the Clinic wunder the care of qualified medical staff and receives painkillers to comfortably recover from the procedure.

  • How does the recovery process look like after a shoulder joint endoprosthesis replacement surgery?

    Recovery after the surgery is an individual matter for each patient.

    This is an individual matter – for each patient, the time of recovery to full mobility may vary. This mainly depends on their motivation, completed rehabilitation, and overall health condition. After the surgery, the shoulder joint is immobilized with a special orthosis to provide optimal conditions for tendon healing and regeneration. During this time, the patient starts exercises under the supervision of a physiotherapist. The initial goal of physiotherapy is to reduce postoperative tissue swelling and alleviate pain. Physical therapy procedures such as local cryotherapy and laser therapy are applied. Gradually, exercises aimed at improving joint range of motion and muscle strength are introduced. Scar tissue therapy (after suture removal and healing) is also crucial in physiotherapy. Through proper mobilization and massage techniques, a physiotherapist can improve its flexibility, blood supply, and appearance. Medi Horizon Clinic collaborates with experienced physiotherapists specialized in postoperative rehabilitation. Rehabilitation after shoulder joint endoprosthesis revision surgery yields excellent results and is crucial for a faster return to full mobility.

Discover our competitive rates for the procedure tailored to your specific needs.

Procedure Approximate price
Revision of shoulder joint endoprosthesis 20000 dollars

Prices listed are approximate and do not constitute a formal offer under the Civil Code. Final costs are tailored to individual treatment needs, including length of stay, choice of implant, rehabilitation, specialized care, dietary preferences, and the patient’s condition.


Why is it worth undergoing Revision of shoulder joint endoprosthesis in Poland in our clinic??

Medi Horizon Clinic is a hospital designed for patients who value the highest quality of services. With our qualified medical staff, everyone who steps into our clinic can expect empathy and a professional approach to their orthopedic issues. Our specialists will diagnose the cause of pain and restricted mobility in the shoulder joint and propose a personalized treatment plan. Additionally, we collaborate with the best team of physiotherapists, allowing patients to recover full functionality more quickly. We understand that time and finances are crucial in the fight against illness, which is why we offer convenient payment options and fast consultation appointments. Enroll today and get answers to all your questions related to the procedure.

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    Qualification for the procedure requires a standard consultation with a specialist doctor, who conducts a detailed medical interview and selects the appropriate treatment or correction method.

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    Step 4 – Procedure and Stay at Medi Horizon Clinic

    We attach great importance to the optimal choice of anesthesia for the surgical procedure, management of postoperative pain, and appropriate patient regeneration and rehabilitation. The patient is constantly cared for by qualified medical staff.