Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment at Medi Horizon Clinic

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome occurs due to intense and prolonged pressure on the median nerve running through the wrist canal. There can be various causes such as nerve swelling, inflammation, degeneration,   and others.  Symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome may include tingling in the wrist and fingers, and as the disease progresses, muscle wasting leading to weakened grip.  This condition can also result from rheumatoid arthritis and is very common among individuals who work extensively with computer mice. It is important to undergo the procedure as soon as symptoms of pain occur to avoid irreversible nerve damage.  

At Medi Horizon Clinic, carpal tunnel syndrome treatment is performed by experienced specialists in the field of orthopedics.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What are the indications for carpal tunnel syndrome treatment?

    The treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome is performed for health reasons.

    The indication for surgical treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome is progressive flexor contracture, especially of fingers IV and V, which gradually increases impairment of hand function.

  • What are the benefits of orthopedic surgery for treating carpal tunnel syndrome?

    The treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome is an opportunity for a pain-free and comfortable life.

    Treatment of Dupuytren’s disease is successful in 95% of cases, with procedures often performed without complications. A well-executed surgery, and above all, post-operative rehabilitation, can enable the patient to regain hand function and alleviate pain.

  • How is the diagnosis conducted prior to orthopedic surgery?

    During the consultation, the orthopedic surgeon will address any questions you may have.

    In Orthopedic Clinic Medi Horizon Clinic, the patient is referred for a consultation with an orthopedic surgeon specializing in hand surgery for a medical interview. We recommend performing an ultrasound examination of the wrist joint or other tests ordered by the doctor for a complete diagnosis. During the consultation visit, the orthopedist thoroughly diagnoses the patient and explains the entire surgical procedure and its effects. After being qualified for carpal tunnel syndrome treatment by the orthopedic surgeon, the patient is asked to undergo a complete set of blood diagnostic tests. Patients of Medi Horizon Clinic have the opportunity to perform a complete set of diagnostic tests on-site – more information.

  • What does the carpal tunnel syndrome procedure involve?

    The surgical treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome is performed in the Operating Room.

    The surgery is performed under regional anesthesia (limb anesthesia). The procedure involves an incision by the orthopedist in the area of the nerve. This is called an open operation, although the procedure can also be performed using endoscopic or minimally invasive open techniques. The sooner the procedure is performed, the better the results of the surgical treatment, and consequently, the alleviation of symptoms. On the day of the surgery, the patient receives full antibiotic coverage, and thromboprophylaxis is applied. After the procedure, the patient remains in the Clinic until they feel well, which is determined by the attending physician and anesthesiologist.

  • What does the recovery process look like after surgical treatment?

    The recovery after the procedure is an individual matter for each patient.

    After the carpal tunnel syndrome correction surgery, a special brace is applied to the hand. It is recommended to apply cold therapy to the operated area to reduce postoperative tissue swelling and alleviate pain. A quick recovery after the procedure is associated with recommendations from the orthopedist and rehabilitation. The patient should avoid using the operated hand for 6-8 weeks. Swelling around the joint may occur after the surgery, causing discomfort, which usually subsides within a few days after the procedure. Wrist rehabilitation aims to improve joint range of motion and muscle strength. Medi Horizon Clinic collaborates with experienced and qualified physiotherapists who continuously enhance their skills. Thanks to close cooperation between the orthopedic surgeon, physiotherapist, and the patient, rehabilitation after carpal tunnel syndrome surgery achieves very good results and helps patients regain full mobility more quickly.

Discover our competitive rates for the procedure tailored to your specific needs.

Procedure Approximate price
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 1500 dollars

Prices listed are approximate and do not constitute a formal offer under the Civil Code. Final costs are tailored to individual treatment needs, including length of stay, choice of implant, rehabilitation, specialized care, dietary preferences, and the patient’s condition.


Treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome in Warsaw

Medi Horizon Clinic brings together a team of experienced specialist doctors in the field of Orthopedics and Movement Traumatology, who will diagnose the cause of wrist pain and accordingly propose an appropriate treatment method for carpal tunnel syndrome. Don’t delay, free yourself from pain, and seek the help of our qualified experts in orthopedics.

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