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Total Knee Replacement in Poland at Medi Horizon Clinic Warsaw

People who constantly struggle with knee pain caused by diseases, injuries or age can undergo knee replacement surgery in Poland. When previous methods of treatment, rehabilitation or pharmacotherapy fail, knee replacement becomes necessary. This treatment not only improves the patient’s fitness, eliminates pain and is also a chance for a comfortable life. Knee joint replacement is an orthopedic implant made of body-friendly biomaterials. The use of the implant is intended to fill missing defects in the joint surface. Depending on the size of the defects in the knee cartilage, the damaged elements of the knee joint are replaced completely or partially. The result is the restoration of proper knee function.

A knee prosthesis is your chance to regain full fitness – according to research, over 90% of patients are satisfied with their functional status after the procedure.

Proper functioning of the knee joints determines good functioning and a pain-free life. Osteoarthritis of the knee joint  is one of the most common diseases affecting middle-aged and older people. The disease leads to slow destruction of articular cartilage. Therefore, the joint loses its functions and becomes functionally ineffective. Knee endoprosthesis, i.e. implantation of an artificial joint, becomes necessary.

In our hospital, we perform minimally invasive knee replacement using an anterior approach.

This is an advanced method thanks to which the patient can walk on the same day and recovers faster. Additionally, there is no need for blood transfusion after the procedure. This method is used successfully all over the world. The advantages of knee replacement using an anterior approach are appreciated by all patients. This is a more advanced and minimally invasive method compared to the posterior approach arthroplasty method..

Knee replacement surgery in Poland at Medi Horizon Clinic is performed by experienced specialists in orthopedics.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What are the indications for knee replacement?

    Knee joint replacement  is performed due to:

    – health.
    – degeneration of the knee joint caused by injuries or inflammation,
    – rheumatoid arthritis,
    – tumor,
    – multi-comminuted fractures,
    – changes resulting from knee damage,
    – changes caused by complex instability,
    – avascular necrosis of the bone head.

  • What are the benefits of knee replacement surgery?

    In addition to improving the comfort of life and the ability to continue practicing sports, other benefits include:
    -pain relief
    -restoration of proper functions of the knee joint
    -efficient rehabilitation
    -return to everyday life and physical activity that was not possible before the procedure

  • What are the diagnostics for knee replacement?

    During the consultation, the orthopedist will answer all your questions.

    At the Medi Horizon Clinic Orthopedic Clinic, the patient is referred to a consultation with an orthopedist in order to conduct a detailed medical interview. For a complete diagnosis, we recommend performing imaging tests of the knee joint and other tests ordered by the doctor. Therefore, during the consultation visit, the orthopedist diagnoses the patient in detail and talks about the possibilities and effects of the procedure. After being qualified by an orthopedic surgeon for surgical treatment involving the installation of an endoprosthesis, the patient is first of all asked to perform a full set of diagnostic blood tests, and then is referred to a consultation with an anesthesiologist. All tests qualifying for the procedure can be performed at Medi Horizon Clinic.

  • What does knee replacement surgery look like?

    The knee replacement procedure is performed in the operating room in Medi Horizon Clinic. An orthopedic procedure that involves placing a knee endoprosthesis in place of a worn-out knee joint – a surgical procedure performed under general anesthesia. The method of knee endoprosthesis implantation used at Medi Horizon Clinic involves the use of modern and proven orthopedic implants that have appropriate international certificates. The entire treatment procedure usually takes about 2 hours. On the day of the procedure, the patient receives full antibiotic protection and antithrombotic prophylaxis. After the operation, the patient remains at the Medi Horizon Clinic under the care of qualified nursing staff and under constant supervision of an orthopedic doctor. About 2-3 days after the procedure, the patient leaves the clinic.

  • What is the recovery like after knee replacement surgery?

    Recovery after surgery is an individual matter for each patient.
    After knee replacement surgery, a special orthosis is placed on the operated joint. It is recommended to cool the knee area to reduce postoperative tissue swelling and reduce pain. Fast recovery after surgery is related to the recommendations of the orthopedist and rehabilitation. After the procedure, there may be swelling in the joint, causing discomfort that disappears within a few days after the procedure. Knee rehabilitation involves improving the range of motion in the joint and strengthening the muscles. Medi Horizon Clinic cooperates with experienced and qualified physiotherapists who constantly improve their competences. Thanks to close cooperation between the orthopedic doctor, the rehabilitator and the patient, rehabilitation after knee replacement surgery brings very good results and helps patients regain full mobility faster.

  • Knee replacement in Medi Horizon Clinic Warsaw benefits

    • treatment time up to 2 hours
    • stabilization and mobilization of the patient on the day of the procedure
    • short recovery time after the procedure
    • faster rehabilitation after the procedure
    • a small, invisible scar
    • no need for blood transfusion
    • lower risk of perioperative infections
    • lower risk of dislocation of the knee prosthesis
    • quick return of the patient to everyday life and sports
    • price price and dates of treatments
    • assistance in organizing arrival and accommodation in Warsaw
  • Private knee replacement in Poland. Why is it worth performing the procedure at Medi Horizon Clinic in Warsaw?

    Medi Horizon Clinic is a special place on the map of Warsaw. First of all, a team of experts in orthopedics and movement traumatology diagnoses the problem and selects the best method of surgical treatment. Knee endoprosthesis surgery using an anterior approach is an advanced procedure performed only by an experienced specialist. The clinic cooperates with physiotherapists, thanks to which the patient is under the care of qualified medical staff throughout the recovery period. Don’t delay, free yourself from pain and use the help of our specialists.

Discover our competitive rates for the procedure tailored to your specific needs.

Procedure Approximate price
Knee replacement 10000 dollars

Prices listed are approximate and do not constitute a formal offer under the Civil Code. Final costs are tailored to individual treatment needs, including length of stay, choice of implant, rehabilitation, specialized care, dietary preferences, and the patient’s condition.

Why is it worth choosing Knee replacement at Medi Horizon Clinic in Warsaw?

Medi Horizon Clinic is a special place on the map of Warsaw, where a team of experienced doctors specialists in orthopedics and movement traumatology perform knee replacement procedures. From the very beginning, doctors diagnose the cause of pain in the knee joint and propose the best method of surgical treatment. Don’t delay, free yourself from knee pain and take advantage of the help of our qualified experts.

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    Admission to Medi Horizon Clinic

    Step 1 – Get in touch with us

    Contact Registration Medi Horizon Clinic by telephone- +48 530 763 608 or via and get comprehensive information.

    Step 2 – Consultation Visit

    Qualification for the procedure requires a standard consultation with a specialist doctor, who conducts a detailed medical interview and selects the appropriate treatment or correction method.

    Step 3 – Decision of the Patient and Doctor

    The doctor makes the decision whether the procedure is feasible and safe for the Patient. Explains to the Patient how the procedure will proceed, determines the scope, and the price. Then, the date for the anesthesiological qualification and the procedure itself is determined.

    Step 4 – Procedure and Stay at Medi Horizon Clinic

    We attach great importance to the optimal choice of anesthesia for the surgical procedure, management of postoperative pain, and appropriate patient regeneration and rehabilitation. The patient is constantly cared for by qualified medical staff.