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The correct structure of the hip joint is the basis for long-term and undisturbed functioning. The emerging non-physiological loads on the hip can lead to many degenerative changes very quickly.

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In the event of a fall, every person instinctively and mechanically tries to cushion the fall by stretching their arms forward for support. Incorrectly treated injuries may lead to serious changes, even to paralysis of the hands.

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Shoulder pain occurs as a result of medical conditions or strains. Overloading the shoulder joint may result in degenerative changes. The patient should see an orthopedist immediately after pain occurs.

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Knee joint problems often affect young, physically active people, including athletes. The occurrence of individual micro-injuries in the future may lead to limitation of the patient’s physical and sports activity.

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The foot, due to its key role in human anatomy, is exposed to injuries. Failure in the proper functioning of the foot may affect the spine, knee and hip joints, causing overload and pain.

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Step by Step to Patient from abroad

Step 1 – Contact us

Contact the Medi Horizon Clinic Registration by phone – +48 530 763 608 or via e-mail – pacjent@medihorizon.pl and obtain comprehensive information about the orthopedics procedure. Additionally, send MRI or X-ray diagnostic photos and describe us your problem.

Step 2 – Consultation on line

After receiving the medical documentation of your hip from you, we will organize an online consultation with our specialist Dr. Andrzej Suwara – who conducts a detailed medical interview and selects the appropriate hip endoprosthesis and explains in detail all stages of the orthopedics procedure with an anterior approach.

Step 3 – Patient and Doctor’s decision

The doctor decides whether the procedure is possible and safe for the patient. Explains to the patient how the hip prosthesis implantation procedure is carried out, determines the scope and price. Then, as a result, the date of anesthetic qualification and the procedure itself is set.

Step 4 – Orthopedics surgery and stay at Medi Horizon Clinic Warsaw

If you decide to undergo the procedure in our hospital – Medi Horizon Clinic , we are able to help you organize all the tests qualifying for the procedure, flights to Poland, stay in Poland. The  surgery is performed under the supervision of a qualified medical team who takes care of the patient from the moment he enters the hospital. We attach great importance to the optimal selection of anesthesia for surgery, postoperative pain relief, and appropriate regeneration and rehabilitation of the patient after the procedure. After orthopedics surgery, the patient stays in the clinic for approximately 3-4 days, and post-operative physiotherapy is also guaranteed during the stay. The patient is constantly under the care of specialist medical staff.