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Ear Correction at Medi Horizon Clinic

Ear Correction – Protruding ears is a condition that affects many people. The defect of protruding ears is considered a complex that even children face. Therefore, individuals seeking ear plastic surgery (ear correction) approach the procedure very seriously – as they know it is not just a procedure to improve the appearance of their ears. The surgery for protruding earlobes is  a procedure that will primarily ensure thatthey will feel confident and beautiful.. Very often, parents along with their children come to the Plastic Surgery Clinic to undergo ear correction.

Ear correction at Medi Horizon Clinic:

Surgical ear plastic surgery can be performed on individuals above 6-7 years of age when the earlobe is fully developed and formed.  With the utmost care, the plastic surgeon corrects defects of the patient’s ear, shaping it into a proportionate form suitable for the head. As a result of otoplasty (ear correction) surgery, the ear achieves the desired shape.

As a result, ear correction is one of the most sought-after procedures in Plastic Surgery by patients.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What are the indications for ear correction surgery?

    Ear correction surgery is often performed for health reasons.

    Indications for ear correction:
    – deformation of the auricle
    – disruption of the continuity of the auricle
    – auricular trauma
    – variations in anatomical structure and shape of the ears
    – discomfort, decreased sense of worth, and self-acceptance due to protruding ears

  • What are the benefits of ear correction surgery?

    In addition to improving psychological comfort, significant benefits include:

    – minimal invasiveness
    – day surgery
    – reduced postoperative discomfort
    – quick return to daily life and physical activities
    – low risk of infection
    – a pleasing and symmetrical shape of the ear, tailored to the patient’s head 

  • How does the diagnostic process for ear correction surgery look?

    During the consultation, the doctor will answer any questions you may have.

    In Medi Horizon Clinic – During the initial consultation regarding ear plastic surgery, the plastic surgeon thoroughly discusses the entire procedure and presents pre and post-operative recommendations. During the consultation, the plastic surgeon presents the outcomes that can be achieved as a result of the procedure. To fully qualify for the surgery, the patient is requested to undergo a set of tests to check their health status. You can undergo these tests at Medi Horizon Clinic. – For more details

  • What does the ear correction procedure look like?

    The ear correction procedure is performed in the Operating Room.

    In Medi Horizon Clinic The ear plastic surgery procedure is performed by a plastic surgeon with extensive experience. Ear correction is typically done under local anesthesia or light sedation and usually lasts from 1 to 2 hours. The patient is invited to Medi Horizon Clinic at the appointed time and then prepared for the procedure. Prior to the surgery, the plastic surgeon conducts photographic documentation and markings on the skin, followed by the surgical procedure. Ear correction surgery involves on precise incisions
    and shaping of the auricle. The incision runs behind the ear, during the surgery, the plastic surgeon models the cartilage, giving it a new shape, then stitches the wound and applies a pressure dressing. As a result, the stitches are removed after about 7-10 days post-surgery. 

  • Recovery after ear correction surgery?

    Recovery is an individual matter for each patient.

    After the procedure, the patient leaves the clinic on the same day with post-operative instructions, pain medication, and a special protective molding band. The molding band should be worn continuously for at least 7-10 days, then only at night for 2 months. Patients may experience discomfort for about 1-2 days post-surgery and are provided with full pain management. A follow-up visit is scheduled 1-2 days after the procedure, and the stitches are typically removed around 7-10 days later. 


Ear correction in Warsaw

At Medi Horizon Clinic, we assemble a team of experienced specialist surgeons in Plastic Surgery who, following a detailed consultation, will propose an appropriate and individually tailored method for correcting protruding ears for each patient. 
Don’t hesitate, take advantage of the expertise of our qualified plastic surgery specialists. Regardless of the shape of your ears, our surgeons are committed to helping you achieve your goals with the best possible results.

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    Contact Registration Medi Horizon Clinic by telephone- +48 530 763 608 or via e-mailrejestracja@medihorizon.pl and get comprehensive information.

    Step 2 – Consultation Visit

    Qualification for the procedure requires a standard consultation with a specialist doctor, who conducts a detailed medical interview and selects the appropriate treatment or correction method.

    Step 3 – Decision of the Patient and Doctor

    The doctor makes the decision whether the procedure is feasible and safe for the Patient. Explains to the Patient how the procedure will proceed, determines the scope, and the price. Then, the date for the anesthesiological qualification and the procedure itself is determined.

    Step 4 – Procedure and Stay at Medi Horizon Clinic

    We attach great importance to the optimal choice of anesthesia for the surgical procedure, management of postoperative pain, and appropriate patient regeneration and rehabilitation. The patient is constantly cared for by qualified medical staff.