Breast enlargement with implants – 5 most important things you should know before the procedure

Specialized plastic surgeons at Medi Horizon Clinic in Warsaw ask patients in detail before each breast augmentation procedure what effect they want from the procedure – but that’s not all.

Qualifying examinations before surgery, breast augmentation with implants guarantee safety!

In order to perform a plastic surgery procedure – breast augmentation with implants warszawa- each patient should perform a set of tests ordered by the doctor. These tests not only qualify for the procedure, but also show the picture of the patient’s health. There are cases in which patients, after sending the tests to the attending physician, have to postpone the procedure for a few weeks in order to equalize, for example, sugar levels. Among the most important examinations a patient needs to perform before breast augmentation with implants at Medi Horizon Clinic warszawa are: blood tests (including ESR, morphology, coagulogram, ionogram), chest X-ray and breast ultrasound.

Patients opting for breast augmentation with implants should also have their teeth checked and, if necessary, treated. 

Breast enlargement with implants – the right implant size

When a patient decides to undergo breast augmentation, she dreams of full breasts at least 3-4 sizes larger than her size. Unfortunately, sometimes these dreams cannot be realized due to the patient’s physique. Suitable implants should be a maximum of 2-3 sizes larger than the original size and tailored to the patient’s physique. Ladies, however, who decide to go for a larger size than the plastic surgeon recommends – after about 2-3 years they return to the clinic to replace the implants with smaller ones. The weight of the implants and the pressure cause back pain.

Pregnancy – one of the contraindications to breast augmentation with implants

The breast augmentation procedure with implants at Medi Horizon Clinic in Warsaw consists of inserting an implant under the muscle and floor gland. Nevertheless, after the breast augmentation procedure, it is recommended not to plan pregnancy for about 6 -12 months due to the fact that the breasts and breast skin should mold and fit the implant. The period of pregnancy and lactation causes breast growth. After this period, breasts that have been augmented with implants droop more.

Sports after breast augmentation with implants

Sports-active women deciding to undergo breast augmentation with implants should remember that they can only return to full physical activity about 2-3 months after the breast augmentation procedure. Breasts after the procedure, during the recovery period, should not be subjected to pressure, tension or any trauma. Starting sports earlier than recommended by the surgeon may cause the implants to move.

Decyzja o zabiegu powiększanie piersi implantami warszawa

Any woman who decides to undergo breast augmentation with implants should consider whether this is her final decision. One should not succumb to trends or men’s dreams. The decision to have the procedure should be well thought out then, the procedure will not only make an image change, but will have a very good effect on the patient’s well-being.

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8 January 2024