FESS sinus treatment

Autumn is a time when upper and lower respiratory tract diseases are more common. It is at this time that patients who have constant sinus disease experience pain and related complications. Autumn is the best time for sinus treatment. FESS surgery-that is, functional endoscopic sinus surgery-is the modern and most advanced method of treating chronic sinusitis. The FESS procedure gives great results and, most importantly, improves the comfort of the patient’s life.

Sinusitis – what is it?

Sinusitis is very often caused by microorganisms, allergies or by the crookedness of the nasal septum. When inflammation occurs, the mucous membrane becomes swollen, and thus the sinus outlets become blocked. This results in the inability to evacuate secretions, so that there is an excess causes the multiplication of pathogens and the further development of sinus disease. Typical symptoms of sinusitis are headaches, a blocked nose, a runny or thick secretion coming from the back of the throat, fever, loss of smell or nasal pain when bending the head.

When to do FEES procedure?

If the typical symptoms of sinusitis occur – consult a specialist laryngologist. Unfortunately, in most cases, for people with acute sinusitis or chronic sinusitis, a surgical procedure, or endoscopic sinus surgery, may be necessary.

Endoscopic sinus surgery FESS at Medi Horizon Clinic Warsaw

FESS, or endoscopic sinus surgery, is performed under general anesthesia under the supervision of qualified medical personnel. During the procedure, inflammatory lesions are removed, as well as if the situation requires, mucosal hypertrophy is removed. FESS surgery usually takes up to about 1h. FESS sinus treatment allows for the restoration of proper sinus drainage and ventilation. The procedure is performed intranasally. As a result no scars are left on the face. Thanks to the advanced technology of FESS sinus treatment, the patient recovers quickly. The stay at Medi Horizon Clinic Warsaw is about 24 hours. FESS sinus treatment gives up to 100 percent success rate. The patient’s nasal patency improves within a few weeks of the procedure.

If you suffer from chronic sinusitis, which makes your life difficult, consult our specialist, We know from experience that performing the procedure significantly improves the comfort of the patient’s life.

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