How long before I can walk after knee replacement?

Anyone who has been dealing with knee pain for an extended period often asks themselves this question: How long does it take to recover after knee replacement surgery? Well, of course, it’s an individual matter for each patient. Nevertheless, after about 4-6 weeks, a patient can already move freely without crutches, and the postoperative pain usually subsides within approximately 3 months after the procedure.

Who qualifies for knee replacement surgery?

People eligible for knee replacement surgery are those suffering from knee pain caused by injury, damage, or degeneration of the knee joint. Individuals who have been actively involved in sports or have previously undergone procedures to maintain knee function, such as arthroscopy, often opt for knee replacement surgery to regain normal functionality. Patients frequently complain of piercing and persistent knee pain before the surgery, significantly hindering their daily activities and mobility. Anyone experiencing knee issues should promptly consult a specialist with imaging tests for an assessment of the knee joint and to determine the appropriate procedure.

Knee Replacement – A Chance for a Pain-Free Life

Endoprosthesis of the knee involves replacing the damaged knee joint with a specially selected knee prosthesis. The procedure typically lasts up to 2 hours and is performed under spinal anesthesia. During the surgery, orthopedic specialist Dr. Andrzej Suwara places appropriately chosen components of the knee prosthesis to enable the patient to walk and bend the knee freely. After knee replacement surgery, the patient stays in the clinic for about 3-4 days under the care of qualified medical staff. During the stay at Medi Horizon Clinic, the patient undergoes rehabilitation exercises twice a day, effectively and rapidly restoring full functionality. Throughout the hospitalization, the patient is surrounded by the care of qualified medical personnel, ensuring comprehensive support.

Knee Rehabilitation after Endoprosthesis of the Knee – Post-Discharge from Medi Horizon Clinic

Upon leaving Medi Horizon Clinic, the patient is automatically enrolled in rehabilitation, which lasts for approximately 2-3 months and is performed on average 2-3 times a week. After a series of exercises, patients quickly regain full functionality, allowing them to return to sports or hobbies.

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