How long is the wait for a knee replacement?

How long is the wait for a knee replacement? – The waiting period for knee endoprosthesis surgery at Medi Horizon Clinic Warsaw is usually about 2-4 weeks. This is the time in which the patient performs the ordered qualifying examinations for the surgery ordered by the operator’s doctor and anesthesiologist. In cases of so-called CITO, when the surgery is a necessity, the operation can be performed for up to 2 weeks. In some Patients who suffer greatly from chronic knee pain, waiting too long for surgery is inadvisable due to suffering as well as worsening degenerative conditions of the knee.

Who qualifies for knee replacement surgery?

Patients who suffer from chronic knee pain should immediately go for a consultation with specialist Dr. Andrzej Suwara. For the consultation it is worth taking imaging studies of the knee such as X-ray or MRI, On the basis of the imaging studies, the specialist qualifies the Patient for surgery and chooses the appropriate type of surgery as well as the endoprosthesis itself. After qualifying for the surgery, the Patient is given a list of tests for the surgery (blood tests, ECG and chest X-ray). In Patients of mature age or burdened with various diseases, the specialist anesthesiologist appropriately orders tests to qualify for knee endoprosthesis surgery.

What does the Medi Horizon Clinic Warsaw knee endoprosthesis procedure look like?

The Patient reports to Medi Horizon Clinic Warsaw Hospital at the appointed time, along with original tests and necessary personal belongings, e.g. pajamas, sweatpants, underwear, phone charger, book, cosmetics. After completing the medical documentation, the Patient proceeds to the stay room, where he/she receives specialized medications. Prior to the procedure itself, the Operator Physician and Anesthesiologist conduct a final consultation with the Patient before the procedure. The patient is taken to the Operating Room for the seal surgery, where anesthesia and the procedure itself begin. Anesthesia for knee replacement surgery is chosen individually for the Patient and his/her condition. It is usually PP subarachnoid anesthesia (into the spine) or general anesthesia. Knee endoprosthesis surgery usually takes up to 2h. After the procedure, the patient is brought to the recovery room, where he is monitored by the nursing team. Approximately 6-8h after the procedure, the process of stabilizing the Patient begins. The Patient stays in the Hospital for about 3-4 days.

During the stay, the Patient is covered by specialized nursing care and doctors. In addition, twice a day rehabilitation of the Patient takes place under the supervision of experienced physiotherapists. On the last day, the Patient leaves the clinic after a check-up by a specialist and a change of dressings. The Patient is given a full discharge along with the medications he should take. The following week, the Patient’s rehabilitation begins and usually lasts about 2-4 weeks, depending on the Patient’s needs.

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