Life After Knee Endoprosthesis Surgery – What to Expect?

Individuals opting for knee endoprosthesis surgery often suffer from knee disorders, accidents, or injuries. This procedure, offering a chance for those leading active lives or engaging in sports, allows patients to perform daily activities like walking and running, relieving them from continuous pain. Typically, patients regain full functionality approximately 6-8 weeks post-surgery. Patients often ask us how does life look after knee endoprosthesis surgery?

Knee Endoprosthesis – Who Should Consider It?

Candidates for knee endoprosthesis include those dealing with:
🔹 Knee degeneration from injuries or inflammatory conditions,
🔹 Rheumatoid arthritis,
🔹 Complex fractures,
🔹 Knee damage,
🔹 Changes due to complex instability.

Preparing for Knee Endoprosthesis Surgery

If knee pain is a concern, consulting a specialist is crucial. Bring recent knee X-rays or an MRI to the consultation. Based on test results, the doctor will suggest the appropriate treatment method and choose a tailored knee endoprosthesis. After the consultation, the patient receives a list of qualifying tests (blood tests, EKG, chest X-ray) and is directed to an anesthesiologist for anesthesia selection.

How Does Life Look After Knee Endoprosthesis Surgery? – after knee replacement surgery in Medi Horizon Clinic

After qualifying for knee endoprosthesis surgery, the patient visits the hospital for a scheduled appointment. Following document completion, the patient is prepared for the procedure in the Patient’s Room. The surgery, lasting approximately 2-3 hours, is performed under general or spinal anesthesia. After the procedure, the patient receives 24/7 care from qualified medical staff. Around 6-8 hours post-surgery, rehabilitation begins under experienced physiotherapists’ supervision, continuing daily 1-2 times until hospital discharge after 3-4 days.

Rehabilitation After Knee Endoprosthesis Surgery at Medi Horizon Clinic

Rehabilitation typically spans 2-3 weeks, during which the patient, guided by a physiotherapist, performs exercises enhancing knee flexion and extension. Home exercise instructions are provided. Patients usually regain full functionality after 6-8 weeks.
I hope this article will dispel any doubts about how does life look after knee endoprosthesis surgery.

If knee pain troubles you, and you’re interested in the procedure, schedule a consultation with our specialist contact us.

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