Surgery of crooked nasal septum Warsaw – when to decide on the procedure ?

Surgery of crooked nasal septum warsaw: Patients who have curvature of the nasal septum – congenital or acquired – opt for crooked septum surgery. A congenital crooked septum occurs from birth, while an acquired one is created when an injury or accident occurs. Most people have varying degrees of asymmetry in their nasal septum.

Symptoms of crooked nasal septum

Patients who come to Medi Horizon Clinic Warsaw for crooked nasal septum surgery mainly struggle with nasal patency disorders – that is, a constant feeling of “blocked nose” on one or both sides. In addition, people who have a crooked nasal septum are noted to have constantly recurring infections of the upper respiratory tract such as pharyngitis or sinusitis or ear infections. Very often, patients who struggle with snoring have a crooked nasal septum. In addition, headaches, nosebleeds or problems with breathing or smelling can be among the symptoms that patients struggle with.

How to prepare for a consultation for crooked septum surgery Warsaw ?

After making a telephone appointment with the Clinic’s registration for an appointment with an ENT specialist, you need to perform a CT scan of the paranasal sinuses without contrast. With the result of the examination – description + CD you need to report on the appointed day of consultation. During the consultation, the ENT specialist analyzes the results of the Computed Tomography of the paranasal sinuses and then informs the patient about the treatment plan, indications and the effects of the procedure itself.

Surgery of crooked nasal septum warsaw: How to prepare for a crooked nasal septum surgery Warsaw?

After the consultation, the Patient receives a full package of information such as the date of surgery, pricing, qualifying tests for surgery (Blood tests, ECG + description, chest X-ray + description) and details on how to prepare for surgery. After the full set of examinations, the Patient reports to the anesthesiology consultation with the anesthesiologist to discuss anesthesia for the surgery.

What does surgery for a crooked nasal septum look like?

Surgery for a crooked nasal septum is performed under general anesthesia and usually takes about 1-2 hours. During the procedure, the ENT surgeon makes an incision at the border of the skin and nasal mucosa using an intra-nasal technique – so that the scar is invisible afterwards. The procedure involves removing elements of the nasal septum that cause its curvature. At the end of the procedure, the doctor inserts stabilizing plates that are designed to stabilize the nose. After a period of 7 days, the plates are removed After the procedure, a tamponade is inserted, which is removed the next morning. The nasal cavities after the procedure should be flushed of the secretions lingering inside for about 2 weeks, and the swelling in the nose persists, which causes discomfort. It is recommended to avoid nasal trauma, physical exertion for a month.

If you are interested in crooked septum surgery – call and schedule a consultation with a specialist who will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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7 January 2024


Surgery of crooked nasal septum warsaw