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Breast Reduction at Medi Horizon Clinic

Breast Reduction Procedure

Breast augmentation with implants is a procedure that many women who have been blessed by nature with lush and generous breasts opt for. Large breasts are feminine and therefore add to a woman’s self-confidence and have attracted the attention of men for years. Unfortunately, breasts that are too large can have a bad impact on a woman’s life and body. A woman with full breasts has to ‘carry’ and support approximately 1 – 2 kg every day with special bras. Caused primarily by the size and weight of the breasts, pain is most often found in the thoracic region of a woman’s spine. The result is a degradation of the vertebrae, a postural defect through hunching which can result in permanent damage to the spine.

Breast reduction surgery – which many women opt for – is performed not only for aesthetic reasons, but above all for health aspects.

Increasingly, patients who had breast augmentation with implants years ago and wish to reduce the size of the implant or remove it completely are also opting for breast reduction surgery. As a result, breast reduction surgery is one of the many most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures at Medi Horizon Clinic. The procedure not only changes the appearance of a woman’s breasts, but also affects the patient’s comfort and well-being.

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Frequently asked questions:

  • What is the diagnosis for breast reduction surgery?

    During the consultation, the doctor will answer all of the questions you may have.

    During the initial consultation with the patient at Medi Horizon Clinic regarding the breast reduction surgery – the plastic surgeon discusses the entire procedure in detail and, above all, provides pre- and post-operative recommendations. During the consultation, the plastic surgeon demonstrates the results that can be achieved as a result. In order to fully qualify for the procedure, the patient is asked to perform a set of examinations to check her health. There is a possibility to perform qualifying examinations for the procedure at Medi Horizon Clinic – find out the details

  • What does a breast reduction procedure look like?

    Breast reduction surgery is performed in the Operating Theatre.

    At Medi Horizon Clinic, breast reduction surgery is performed by a plastic surgeon with many years of experience who is constantly improving his qualifications. Breast reduction plastic surgery is performed under general anaesthesia and usually lasts approximately 2 -3 hours. The patient is invited to the Medi Horizon Clinic for an appointed time and is then prepared for the procedure. The plastic surgeon takes photographic documentation and a drawing on the skin before the procedure, and then performs the surgery. The breast reduction procedure involves making a precise incision in the skin of the breast, separating the muscles and removing excess skin and tissue. The wound is closed according to anatomically defined layers, with specialised sutures. The stitches are removed approximately 7-10 days after the procedure.

  • What is recovery like after breast reduction surgery?

    Recovery from breast reduction surgery is an individual issue for each patient.

    After the breast reduction procedure, the patient remains overnight at the Clinic under the care of qualified medical staff. A special dressing is applied to the operated area, as well as a specialised bra to support, protect and shape the breasts. The patient receives full anticoagulant and analgesic care so that postoperative recovery in the first period – is comfortable. On leaving the Clinic, the patient is given post-procedure recommendations to follow. The post-operative check-up visit is on days 2, 7 and 14 after the surgery and after one month. The stitches are removed after 7-10 days. 


Breast reduction Warsaw

Medi Horizon Clinic Warsaw‘s highly skilled plastic surgeons are dedicated to performing safe and effective procedures that boost confidence and improve appearance. Our breast reduction specialists, are experienced in helping patients suffering from physical pain or emotional stress due to disproportionately large breasts. Breast reduction surgery can allow patients to feel more comfortable in their bodies and lead a more active lifestyle. If you have been considering breast reduction surgery, a consultation appointment at our Clinic, can help you determine if breast reduction is right for you.

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    Step 1 – Get in touch with us

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    Step 2 – Consultation Visit

    Qualification for the procedure requires a standard consultation with a specialist doctor, who conducts a detailed medical interview and selects the appropriate treatment or correction method.

    Step 3 – Decision of the Patient and Doctor

    The doctor makes the decision whether the procedure is feasible and safe for the Patient. Explains to the Patient how the procedure will proceed, determines the scope, and the price. Then, the date for the anesthesiological qualification and the procedure itself is determined.

    Step 4 – Procedure and Stay at Medi Horizon Clinic

    We attach great importance to the optimal choice of anesthesia for the surgical procedure, management of postoperative pain, and appropriate patient regeneration and rehabilitation. The patient is constantly cared for by qualified medical staff.