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Eyelid surgery – Blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure that involves correcting the amount of eyelid skin and restoring proper tension to the eyelid’s connective tissue structures. As eyelid skin loses its firmness and density over the years, it tends to droop, causing the eye to close partially.

Ptosis of the upper eyelids is not only caused by sagging skin; additionally, the sagging of forehead and eyebrow tissues contributes to this condition. Patients seeking treatment, both men and women, not only complain about the aesthetic defect of the upper eyelid fold but also report eye fatigue, headaches, and heaviness of the eyelids. These symptoms narrow the field of vision, adversely affecting eyesight.  Sagging of the lower eyelids primarily affecting mature individuals, sagging of the lower eyelids commonly manifests as the symptom of so-called ‘eye bags’ or depressions, colloquially referred to as the ‘tear trough. 

Eyelid correction surgery at Medi Horizon Clinic:

The eyelid correction procedureundoubtedly allows for restoring a youthful and healthy appearance around the eyes.. The Plastic Surgeon meticulously corrects defects caused by excess skin. The desired effect is wide-open eyes. After undergoing eyelid plastic surgery, the eyelid skin becomes firm and rested, primarily rejuvenating the eyes and restoring a healthy and attractive appearance. As a result, the patient regains visual comfort.

As a result, upper or lower eyelid plastic surgery is one of the most commonly chosen procedures in Plastic Surgery by patients.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Indications for Eyelid Correction Procedure:

    The procedure for correcting both upper and lower eyelids is often performed for health reasons.

    Indications for Upper Eyelid Correction:
    – Excess orbital fat
    – Sagging and excess skin
    – Eyelid skin folds
    – Weakness of the levator muscle of the upper eyelid
    – Decreased muscle tension of the eyelid
    – Nerve damage
    – Decreased volume of the orbital fat pad causing brow ptosis
    – Limited field of vision, visual discomfort

    Indications for Lower Eyelid Correction:
    – Excess subcutaneous fat tissue
    – Excess skin of the lower eyelids
    – Edema caused by lymphatic stasis
    – Atrophy and decreased elasticity of the lower eyelid tarsal plate

  • What are the benefits of eyelid plastic surgery?

    In addition to improving visual comfort, significant benefits include:

    – Minimal invasiveness
    – Same-day surgery
    – Reduced postoperative discomfort
    – Quick return to daily life and physical activities
    – Low risk of infection

  • How is the diagnosis conducted for eyelid correction surgery?

    During the consultation, the doctor will answer any questions you may have.

    In Medi Horizon Clinic – Plastic surgeon during Initial consultation during the initial consultation with the patient regarding eyelid correction, the plastic surgeon thoroughly discusses the entire procedure and presents pre and post-operative recommendations. During the consultation, the plastic surgeon presents surgery outcomes What results can be achieved” as a result of the procedure. Therefore, to fully qualify for the surgery, the patient is requested to undergo a set of tests. Appointments for these tests can be scheduled at the Registration Desk of Medi Horizon Clinic. – For further details

  • What does the eyelid correction procedure look like?

    The eyelid correction procedure is performed in the Operating Room.

    In Medi Horizon ClinicThe procedure is performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience. Eyelid plastic surgery is typically conducted under local anesthesia or light sedation. The blepharoplasty procedure usually lasts from 1 to 2 hours. The patient is invited to the Medi Horizon Clinic at the appointed time and then prepared for the procedure. Prior to the surgery, the plastic surgeon conducts a comprehensive pre-operative assessment. photographic documentation and marking on the skin, followed by the procedure. Therefore Blepharoplasty which is the eyelid correction surgery, involves precise incisions and removal of excess eyelid skin, reshaping of the orbicularis oculi muscle, removal of excess fat prolapse, and suturing. As a result, the scar is invisible because it is located within the natural fold of the eyelid.

    The upper eyelid plastic surgery involves The upper eyelid plastic surgery involves precise incisions of the eyelid skin within its natural fold, ensuring that the resulting scar is invisible. The plastic surgeon removes excess upper eyelid skin, resulting in a visible reduction in the amount of eyelid skin, and addresses excess orbital fat. The incision is closed using specific anatomical layers and very fine sutures. Sutures are typically removed after about 5-7 days post-surgery.

    The lower eyelid correction involves The lower eyelid correction involves precise incisions of the lower eyelid skin below the lash line, primarily to ensure that the resulting scar is invisible. After making the incision, the plastic surgeon removes excess prolapsed orbital fat and addresses any excess laxity of the lower eyelid before suturing the wound. Sutures are typically removed after about 5-7 days post-surgery.

  • What does the recovery process look like after eyelid correction surgery?

    Recovery is an individual matter for each patient.

    After upper or lower eyelid correction surgery a special dressing is applied to the operated area. The patient leaves the clinic on the same day of the procedure. After the surgery, the patient receives recommendations to follow. Following eyelid plastic surgery, there may be mild swelling or bruising, which typically subsides after about 7 days. The operated area can be cooled. A follow-up appointment is scheduled for 1-2 days after the procedure, and the stitches are removed approximately 5-7 days later. As a result, after stitch removal, it is recommended to massage the scars with a special ointment.


Upper eyelid correction in Warsaw

Many of our patients at Medi Horizon Clinic who opt for eyelid plastic surgery are concerned about constantly appearing tired, unhappy, or stressed due to the appearance of their eyes. Thanks to advanced eyelid plastic surgery techniques, our surgeons can achieve naturally looking results that will make you appear more rested, cheerful, and youthful.

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