Hip Endoprosthesis – What to Know Before the Medi Horizon Clinic Procedure

A hip endoprosthesis is an artificial hip joint that replaces a diseased hip joint. Thanks to modern techniques and the expertise of doctors, patients can quickly regain full functionality and enjoy a life free from pain with hip endoprosthesis. Things to know before choosing hip endoprosthesis at Medi Horizon Clinic, Warsaw.

Hip Endoprosthesis – Who Qualifies for the Procedure at Medi Horizon Clinic Warsaw?

Patients eligible for hip endoprosthesis are those experiencing hip pain while walking, sitting, and even at night. The characteristic gait of patients suffering from hip pain is often noticeable. If you’ve been dealing with hip pain, it’s essential to consult with specialist Dr. Andrzej Suwary. During the consultation, the specialist discusses the entire treatment and rehabilitation procedure. Bringing diagnostic tests such as hip X-rays or MRI scans to the consultation helps determine the most suitable endoprosthesis. After the consultation, the patient receives a list of qualifying tests and schedules a consultation with an anesthesiologist.

Hip Endoprosthesis – Preparation for the Procedure at Medi Horizon Clinic Warsaw

After the consultation, the patient undergoes qualifying tests (blood tests, EKG, chest X-ray), and a consultation with an anesthesiologist is arranged. The patient submits all test results to Medi Horizon Clinic for health verification. A consultation with an anesthesiologist helps choose the appropriate anesthesia method. On the designated day, the patient brings original test results, orthopedic crutches, personal items (pajamas, underwear, sportswear for exercises), and toiletries. Once at the clinic, the patient receives care from specialists ensuring comfort and safety. After checking in, the operating doctor and anesthesiologist consult the patient before the procedure. Following the consultation and preparation, the patient is taken to the operating room at Medi Horizon Clinic.

Endoprosthesis Surgery at Medi Horizon Clinic

Hip joint endoprosthesis surgery is usually performed under anesthesia tailored to the patient’s health, often spinal or general anesthesia. Specialists prioritize the patient’s well-being throughout the procedure. After anesthesia, the operating doctor begins the surgery. At Medi Horizon Clinic, hip endoprosthesis is inserted through an anterior approach, a minimally invasive method. The anterior approach allows for the patient’s quick stabilization on the same day, facilitating a speedy return to full functionality. This is achieved by not cutting muscles but rather exposing them like blinds. The method is advanced, requiring an experienced specialist. The benefits include a small, inconspicuous scar and no need for blood transfusion, as the patient loses minimal blood compared to other hip surgery methods. The procedure typically lasts around 2 hours. Post-surgery, the patient goes to the recovery room, attended by qualified staff. Pain prevention is a priority at Medi Horizon Clinic. The patient stays for approximately 3-4 days, and stitches are removed 12-14 days post-surgery.

Rehabilitation After the Procedure at Medi Horizon Clinic

Post-surgery at Medi Horizon Clinic, the patient is stabilized on the same day. Daily rehabilitation, supervised by an experienced physiotherapist, is conducted during the hospital stay. The patient leaves the clinic using crutches for about 4-6 weeks, depending on individual progress in rehabilitation. After leaving the hospital, the patient undergoes rehabilitation 2-3 times a week for 2-3 weeks to fully regain functionality within 4-6 weeks post-surgery.

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