Shoulder joint endoprosthesis Warsaw

What are the degenerative changes of the shoulder joint?

Patients who present to Medi Horizon Clinic with shoulder pain very often have degenerative changes that affect the articular cartilage. In addition to these degenerative changes, there is also degeneration of the surrounding tissues such as muscles and tendons of the shoulder. The shoulder joint – (the shoulder) – due to its functional complexity – treatment of both damage and increasing pathological changes is difficult and requires complex surgical treatment as well as long-term rehabilitation. Patients who qualified for endopiothesis of the shoulder joint (shoulder) – despite pain, injuries delayed treatment and a visit to the doctor for a very long time. Therefore, shoulder endoprosthesis is a chance for them to function normally in everyday life.

A shoulder endoprosthesis is otherwise known as an artificial shoulder joint that can replace a patient’s fully damaged shoulder joint.

Patients with degeneration of the shoulder joint involving the cartilage as well as the surrounding tissues are eligible for surgery. In addition, if the Patient experiences severe shoulder pain at night – this is a sign that it is worth rethinking the decision about surgical treatment. Pain in the shoulder when performing daily movements significantly impedes the life and functioning of the Patient and, consequently, his comfort of life decreases. Activities such as dressing, combing or reaching for something that is higher becomes very difficult and painful to perform for the Patient.

Surgery to replace the shoulder joint and replace it with an artificial endoprosthesis is successfully performed at Medi Horizon Clinic Warsaw. The procedure is usually performed under general anesthesia and usually takes up to 2h. It is a procedure that effectively relieves pain as well as improves the function of the shoulder joint.


Rehabilitation after shoulder joint endoprosthesis surgery

This is a very important and integral part of any orthopedic surgery, especially shoulder joint endoprosthesis. After surgery at Medi Horizon Clinic, the patient is cared for by a qualified medical staff, including experienced physiotherapists who watch over the patient’s every movement. Rehabilitation begins the next soon after surgery and new exercises are introduced every day to increase mobility in the shoulder joint. Properly conducted rehabilitation should usually last from the surgery to a period of up to 4-6 weeks after the procedure. Also during this period, all pain should subside.

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