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Prosthesis – A hip joint endoprosthesis is an artificial joint thanks to which patients regain full mobility and return to normal functioning. A hip prosthesis recreates the movements of a malfunctioning joint. It is an opportunity for all people who suffer from advanced degenerative disease, struggle with congenital hip diseases or have suffered an injury as a result of an accident. It is not without reason that hip replacement via the anterior approach is considered one of the greatest achievements in medicine. At Medi Horizon Clinic, hip replacement procedures using an anterior approach are performed by orthopedic specialists. Thanks to the comprehensive cooperation of doctors, nursing team and physiotherapists, our patients regain their former fitness and can enjoy life again. Read about the opportunities we offer!

A hip prosthesis is your chance to regain full fitness – according to research, over 90% of patients are satisfied with their functional status after the procedure.

Proper functioning of the hip joints determines good functioning and a pain-free life. Osteoarthritis of the hip joint (xarthrosis) is one of the most common diseases affecting middle-aged and older people. The disease leads to slow destruction of articular cartilage. Therefore, the joint loses its functions and becomes functionally ineffective. Hip endoprosthesis, i.e. implantation of an artificial joint, becomes necessary.

In our hospital, we perform minimally invasive hip endopiotesoplasty using an anterior approach.

This is an advanced method thanks to which the patient can walk on the same day and recovers faster. Additionally, there is no need for blood transfusion after the procedure. This method is used successfully all over the world. The advantages of hip endopiotesoplasty using an anterior approach are appreciated by all patients. This is a more advanced and minimally invasive method compared to the posterior approach arthroplasty method..

Hip replacement surgery at Medi Horizon Clinic is performed by experienced specialists in orthopedics.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is hip replacement?

    Hip replacement (alloplasty) via the anterior approach is a surgical procedure that involves the use of an artificial joint (endoprosthesis) in the affected area. Thanks to this, the natural functions of the joint are restored, and the patient regains freedom of movement, gets rid of pain and returns to normal functioning after a few months. The surgery involves removing the used hip structures and replacing them with a hip prosthesis. Endoprostheses are made of safe metals that have no effect on the body, so the risk of implant rejection is minimal. The hip endoprosthesis consists of a stem – which is inserted into the medullary canal of the femur, and a spherical head is mounted on it, intended to replicate the acetabulum. It allows you to perform movements in all planes.

  • What are the indications for hip replacement surgery?

    • advanced degenerative changes of the hip joint of various causes,
    • fracture of the neck of the femur,
    • pain, problems with movement,
    • accidents, injuries, comminuted fractures,
    • congenital hip dysplasia,
    • pathological changes occurring as a result of diseases – rheumatoid arthritis, gout,
    • femoral bone necrosis,
    • cancer.

  • When decided to do hip replacement surgery

    Patients who come to Medi Horizon Clinic Warsaw complain of pain in the groin and hip, which occurs when walking and after getting up from a sitting position. The longer the patient delays hip replacement surgery, the more the pain begins to intensify and may radiate to the knee. The pain also appears at night when lying down, so it accompanies the patient all the time. Over time, a patient with hip degeneration tries to protect the painful leg, and thus begins to limp (with a characteristic gait) and has problems with movement. This should be a final signal for the patient that the intervention of an orthopedic specialist regarding hip replacement is necessary.

    In such cases, it is important to consult an orthopedist when the above pain symptoms occur.

  • How is the hip replacement procedure performed?

    At Medi Horizon Clinic Warsaw, our motto is, above all, patient safety at every stage of treatment. Therefore, qualification for the procedure depends on adequate preparation, which includes performing the necessary tests to eliminate possible contraindications. When the doctor determines that the patient’s health condition is appropriate, he sets a date for the procedure.

    Anterior hip replacement surgery is performed under general or spinal anesthesia and usually takes about 2 hours. The orthopedist cuts the skin and fascia, and the muscles are opened – without damaging the muscles. After selecting the appropriate size of the hip prosthesis, it is placed in the appropriate place and the muscles are released. On the day of the procedure, the patient undergoes the necessary antithrombotic prophylaxis.

    After the surgery, he remains in the clinic under the care of qualified medical staff who supervise every stage of his recovery. The next stage is rehabilitation, which takes place in stages – the patient gradually puts weight on the operated limb, learns to perform everyday activities, so as to return to full fitness in a dozen or so weeks. It is very important to strictly follow the doctor’s recommendations in the postoperative period.

  • What is the recovery like after hip replacement surgery?

    Thanks to hip replacement surgery with an anterior approach, the recovery and rehabilitation time is much shorter compared to hip replacement surgery with a posterior approach. Properly conducted rehabilitation is very important in the entire recovery process. It begins almost immediately after the surgery. Already on the first day after anterior approach hip endopiotesoplasty, the patient is placed in an upright position and learning how to load the operated limb and walk properly begins. Rehabilitation is also based on hip girdle strengthening, isometric and balance exercises. Medi Horizon Clinic cooperates with experienced physiotherapists who specialize in post-operative rehabilitation in the field of orthopedics. Thanks to the cooperation of the entire team of rehabilitators and orthopedic doctors, recovery brings excellent results and helps patients regain full fitness faster.

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  • Hip replacement in Medi Horizon Clinic Warsaw benefits

    • treatment time up to 2 hours
    • stabilization and mobilization of the patient on the day of the procedure
    • short recovery time after the procedure
    • faster rehabilitation after the procedure
    • a small, invisible scar
    • no need for blood transfusion
    • lower risk of perioperative infections
    • lower risk of dislocation of the hip prosthesis
    • quick return of the patient to everyday life and sports
    • price price and dates of treatments
    • assistance in organizing arrival and accommodation in Warsaw
  • Private hip replacement in Warsaw. Why is it worth performing the procedure at Medi Horizon Clinic?

    Medi Horizon Clinic is a special place on the map of Warsaw. First of all, a team of experts in orthopedics and movement traumatology diagnoses the problem and selects the best method of surgical treatment. Hip endoprosthesis surgery using an anterior approach is an advanced procedure performed only by an experienced specialist. The clinic cooperates with physiotherapists, thanks to which the patient is under the care of qualified medical staff throughout the recovery period. Don’t delay, free yourself from pain and use the help of our specialists.

Hip replacement price

The price, depending on the extent of the surgical site and the degree of joint damage, is determined individually

Why is it worth choosing hip replacement at Medi Horizon Clinic in Warsaw?

Medi Horizon Clinic is a special place on the map of Warsaw, where a team of experienced doctors specialists in orthopedics and movement traumatology perform hip replacement procedures. From the very beginning, doctors diagnose the cause of pain in the hip joint and propose the best method of surgical treatment. Don’t delay, free yourself from hip pain and take advantage of the help of our qualified experts.

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    Patients Opinions

    Thank You!

    My hip has been bothering me for as long as I can remember, but after I reached the magical age of 45, it got worse. I decided to fly to Poland for the procedure and chose Medi Horizon Clinic! It was a very good decision! I spent a total of about 3 weeks in Warsaw and returned to England fit and pain-free with a new hip! The entire organization of the procedure at Medi Horizon Clinic - great! consultation with the Doctor, arrival to Poland, organization of tests on site, organization of an apartment at the Clinic for me and my wife - it helped me a lot. I remember the whole procedure well, the wonderful nurses who constantly looked after me. Rehabilitation was not the easiest thing, exercises, exercises and more exercises. For me, the most important thing is that I no longer feel pain and I can enjoy life and play with my grandchildren. Thank you for all the care and kindness of the Medi Horizon Clinic team, as well as the comfortable conditions. Hip replacement is not the end of the world! For me, this is just the beginning of a pain-free life.
    Mark 45yo (www.medihorizon.pl)

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    • Experienced Doctors
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    Hip Replacement Warsaw Medi Horizon Clinic Step by Step to Patient from abroad

    Step 1 – Contact us

    Contact the Medi Horizon Clinic Registration by phone – +48 530 763 608 or via e-mail – pacjent@medihorizon.pl and obtain comprehensive information about the hip prosthesis procedure. Additionally, send MRI or X-ray diagnostic photos of your hip.

    Step 2 – Consultation on line

    After receiving the medical documentation of your hip from you, we will organize an online consultation with our specialist Dr. Andrzej Suwara – who conducts a detailed medical interview and selects the appropriate hip endoprosthesis and explains in detail all stages of the hip endopiotesoplasty procedure with an anterior approach.

    Step 3 – Patient and Doctor’s decision

    The doctor decides whether the procedure is possible and safe for the patient. Explains to the patient how the hip prosthesis implantation procedure is carried out, determines the scope and price. Then, as a result, the date of anesthetic qualification and the procedure itself is set.

    Step 4 – Hip replacement surgery and stay at Medi Horizon Clinic Warsaw

    If you decide to undergo the procedure in our hospital – Medi Horizon Clinic , we are able to help you organize all the tests qualifying for the procedure, flights to Poland, stay in Poland. The hip endoprosthesis surgery is performed under the supervision of a qualified medical team who takes care of the patient from the moment he enters the hospital. We attach great importance to the optimal selection of anesthesia for hip prosthesis surgery, postoperative pain relief, and appropriate regeneration and rehabilitation of the patient after the procedure. After hip replacement surgery, the patient stays in the clinic for approximately 3-4 days, and post-operative physiotherapy is also guaranteed during the stay. The patient is constantly under the care of specialist medical staff.